FTCI celebrates its 10th Anniversary

FTCI celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Posted By ftci | 25 April 2015

Dharamsala 20 April: FTCI celebrated its 10th anniversary at Hotel Tibet Dharamsala on the morning of 20th April 2015. Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay graced the function as Chief Guest. Home Kalon Gyari Dolma, Tibetan Parliament Speaker Penpa Tsering and Dr Dinesh, NCUI Chief Executive were the Guest of Honour. Also in attendence were Tibetan Parliament Deputy Speaker Khenpo Sonam Tenphel and Members of Standing Committee, Secretaries and Directors of various CTA departments and units, Presidents of various NGOs, Chief Administrators of different monasteries and media persons.

The function began with offering of scarf to HH the Dalai Lama’s portrait, followed by lighting of butter lamp. Rendition of Tibetan and Indian National Anthem and observance of a-minute long silence to express solidarity for Tibetan martyrs were done afterwards. Following the serving of traditional Tibetan sweet rice and butter tea, Mr Tenzin Yega, FTCI Deputy CEO gave a welcome address with brief introduction of Dr Dinesh, Chief Executive of NCUI.

Mr Pema Delek, Chairman, FTCI then gave an introductory address and Mr Tashi Wangdu, CEO, FTCI presented a brief report on FTCI.

Mr Pema Delek in his address mentioned that Tibetan Cooperatives have made good progress in providing services and benefits to its share members. He said that on 18th April morning, Tibetan Cooperaters had an audience with HH the Dalai Lama at later’s residence. He then thanked DOH, CTA for its support and assistance rendered to Tibetan cooperatives.

In his report, Mr Tashi Wangdu underlined that since 2013 member cooperatives have been making profit. He said about the units started by FTCI in last few years and services provided by FTCI to general Tibetan public in the field of education and health besides benefits to its member societies.

Subsequent to their address, Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay released the book on 10th Anniversary of FTCI.

Special Guest Dr Dinesh was then requested to address the gathering. He began his address by speaking on evolution of cooperatives. He said, “Younger Generation in India are not attracted to cooperative system of economy. I think Tibetan faces similar condition also. NCUI will be taking measures to infuse youth in cooperative by sensitizing on cooperative and by injecting training program in certain school. In recent amendment of cooperative acts and rules, 2 women directors in cooperative management committee has been made mandatory. This shows the importance of women role in cooperative.”

He also offered to extend his help in conducting training program for Tibetan Cooperators.

Dr Dinesh then concluded his address by congratulating FTCI and 15 societies for its achievement in making profit in recent years.

Special Guest Ms. Gyari Dolma in her address remarked, “Tibetan Cooperatives is very important organisation as mentioned in clause no. 93 of Tibetan Charter. Since formation of FTCI in 2005, FTCI has been beneficial to member cooperatives. For setting guidelines for Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy 2014, Tibetan Cooperatives in settlement have been very cooperative.”

Tibetan Parliament Speaker Mr. Penpa Tsering in his address highlighted the significance of starting big projects by FTCI which fetch benefits to Tibetan community and which contribute towards achieving sustainability of Tibetan settlement. He further added that it is important for the staff to take more responsibility. He also mentioned that members should elect board members who have experience in doing business and who is a risk-taker.

Congratulating FTCI on its 10th anniversary, Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay said, “Cooperative System of is based on ideology of economic democracy. In such system of economy, members should take more responsibility for the success of cooperative.” Acknowledging the effort of FTCI and 15 cooperative societies, Dr Lobsang Sangay requested FTCI and 15 cooperative societies to take more initiative and effort in starting business activities in Tibetan settlement.

The function then concluded with vote-of-thanks by Mr Pema Delek. Official lunch was then arranged at Hotel Tibet Dharamsala.

FTCI’s 10th Anniversary book presented to HH the Dalai Lama on 18 April 2015 during the audience.