SORIG Baekan Tea | SORIG Baekan, Ftci, Bangalore, Tibetan.

SORIG Baekan Tea
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This tea is formulated from fresh & pure natural herbs in accordance with the Tibetan medical text. It helps against various signs & symptoms of an aggravated baekan disorders. like; weak digestive heat, low body temperature, indigestion, mental & physical heaviness, lethargy etc.which are generally caused by improper diet and behaviour such as; intake of excess sweet stuffs, vegetables & fruits which are heavy & cool in potency, cold and raw refrigerated foods & beverages,over exposure to humid places & cold water.
Direction: It is recommended to be used in the morning. However, it can be taken at anytime when the above sign and symptoms appear. Pour hot boiled water onto the teabag. Infuse for few minutes till you get desired rich colour and aroma. Relish it purely or with little honey or salt.

INGREDIENTS: Punica granatum(Pomegranate), Trachyspermum ammi, Nigella sativa(Black cumin), Zingiber officinalis(Ginger), Camellia theifera(tea leaves), Elettaria cardomomum(Cardamom), Cinnamomum zeylinacum(Cinnamon).
Net Contents: 20 sachets of 2gms.

^Note: If there is any restriction in custom clearance for export , we will inform you.

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