SORIG Lhophel Dhutse ( Sharpens intelligence) | SORIG Lhophel Dhutse ( Sharpens intelligence), Bangalore, Karnataka, FTCI, Tibetan.

SORIG Lhophel Dhutse ( Sharpens intelligence)
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Lhophel Dhutse (Wisdom nectar) is prepared with a combination of pure herbal ingredients based on the traditional Tibetan Medical Text. It may help to nourish, improve intelligence and memory power of children. It also promotes lyrical and fluent speech capacity.
Dosage: Half a sachet per week for children below 12 months. One sachet in 3 days for children above 12 months.
Caution : Avoid taking this when suffering from colds and fevers.

INGREDIENTS: Terminalia chebula(Myrobalan/ Chebulic Myrobalan/ Indian gall nut), Zingiber officinalis(Ginger) Piper longum(Long pepper), Piper nigrum(Black pepper), corus gramineus(Japanese sweetflag), Alum(White mineral salt) Vitis vinifera(Grapes), Phoenix dactilyfera(Dates).
Net Contents: 30 sachets of 2gms.

^Note: If there is any restriction in custom clearance for export , we will inform you.

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