Sorig Loong-Tsab Menja (Tea for Gynecological disorders) | Sorig Loong-Tsab Menja , Bangalore, Karnataka, FTCI, Tibetan.

Sorig Loong-Tsab Menja (Tea for Gynecological disorders)
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Loong-Tsab Menja is formulated from natural herbs in accordance with Tibetan Science of healing. It helps to subside mental stress, poor memory, fainting, weak kidney and uterus, irregular menstruration, anaemic, numbness of limbs, pain in urethra and lower abdomen, leukorhea, loss of lower body heat, and pain around hip and waist.

Ingredients: Rheum palmatum, Wthania somifera, Polygonatum cirrhifolium, Tribulus terresrtis, Abrus precatorius & Myristica fragrance.
Net Contents:- 10 Sachets of 2gms.

^Note: If there is any restriction in custom clearance for export , we will inform you.

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