Sorig Shang-Druum Menja (Tea for Hemorrhoids/Piles) | Sorig Shang-Druum Menja, Bangalore, Karnataka, FTCI, Tibetan.

Sorig Shang-Druum Menja (Tea for Hemorrhoids/Piles)
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Shang-Druum Menja is formulated from natural herbs im accordance with Tibetan Science of healing. It helps to subside abdominal bloating and inflammation caused by gastro-intestinal disorder, degeneration of intestinal mucus, disorder of the blood vessels, intestinal parasitic disorders and hemorrhoid/piles.

INGREDIENTS:- Pinus sp, Tribulus terrestris, Withania somnifera , Holarrhena antidysenterica, Clematis sp, Emblia ribes, Selaginella pulvinata, Capsicum annuum.nus sp.
Net Contents:- 10 Sachets of 2gms.

^Note: If there is any restriction in custom clearance for export , we will inform you.

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