Soring Trak-Shey Tea(Controls Hypertension) | Soring Trak-Shey Tea, Bangalore, Karnataka, FTCI, Tibetan.

Soring Trak-Shey Tea(Controls Hypertension)
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Trak-shey tea is a pure herbal product made according to the Tibetan Science of Healing. This herbal tea enhances a healthy circulation and induces sound sleep. It minimizes upper back pain, headache in combination with blurred vision and painful nape causing movement difficulty. It also helps the symptoms like sweating accompanied with appearance of goosebumps in response to coldness, uncomfortable breathing associated with dyspnea and stiffened upper back, dryness of mouth and thirstiness and numbness of the limbs.
Direction : This tea is generally recommended to take in afternoon. Incase, above signs and symptoms appear, it can be taken at any time. Place one tea bag in a cup and pour the hot boiled water onto it. Enjoy the tea until all the flavor are used up. If one prefers, little amount of sugar can also be added.

INGREDIENTS: Rubus hoffmeiteriannus, Rosa bronunii(Wild rose), Adhatoda vasica(Malabar nut), Corydalis hendersoni, Acacia catechu(Indian acacia), Emblica officinalis(Gooseberry/Amla), Dracocephyllum tanguiticum
Glycyrrhiza glabra(Liquorices).
Net Contents: 20 sachets of 2gms.

^Note: If there is any restriction in custom clearance for export , we will inform you.

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